Your dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this year. You’re not sure what to do now for dessert treats. You love to make things for your family, but sugary treats are not advisable. Here are suggestions for making desserts for your dad after a diabetes diagnosis.


Elder Care in Glen Rock NJ: Diabetic Sweet Treats

Elder Care in Glen Rock NJ: Diabetic Sweet Treats


Focus on Savory Treats

Skip the sweet treats and go for savory ones. Instead of your usual cookies, cupcakes, and brownies, make treats like sriracha spiced almonds. Make some tarts using roasted vegetables. Make some traditional British sausage rolls or mini Cornish pasties with curried chicken. There are many savory treats that your dad will love.

Use cooked brown rice to make a unique crust for a vegetable quiche. Make bite-sized quinoa and cheese nuggets that are cooked and ready to be reheated in the oven. Pinwheel roll-ups using whole grain bread and a vegetable cream cheese spread may also appeal to your dad when he’s looking for something to snack on. Homemade all-grain crackers are another thought.


Use Alternatives to Sugar

Replace the sugar in your recipes with a sugar substitute like stevia, if you want something natural, or sucralose if you don’t mind artificial sweeteners. Try to avoid white flour. Your dad will benefit from whole grains, so make cookies with whole wheat flour or even white wheat flour that is a whole wheat flour designed to mimic white flour. Try almond flour for a different taste and texture.


Consider Fruit Sweetened Cookies

If your dad is good at portion control, you could make him treats that are sweetened with fruit pastes and purees. Mashed bananas and sweet potatoes often have enough sugar to sweeten baked treats. Chopped dates and apricots are other fruits you could use to sweeten items you’re baking. Your dad does need to limit how much he eats though because the natural sugars will affect his blood sugar levels.

If your dad struggles to care properly for himself, he may be ready for a caregiver. Caregivers offer assistance to make sure daily activities of living get completed safely and routinely. They can help with meals, medication reminders, and help with some housework. Your dad can have caregivers help him change his sheets and towels, do the laundry, and carry it from the laundry room.

Discover the many benefits caregivers offer to diabetic elderly men and women. Find out more about these services by calling a home care agency today.


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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN