Oftentimes, there are things that will cause someone with dementia to get extremely upset, They might not verbally express their feelings, though. You or their senior care providers should check to see if they are asking repeated questions, pacing, or getting extremely agitated. These could all be signs that your loved one is upset. It is also helpful to know what the most common triggers are for those with dementia.

Senior Care Paramus NJ - Triggers That May Upset Your Loved One with Dementia

Senior Care Paramus NJ – Triggers That May Upset Your Loved One with Dementia

Overwhelming Environment

An overwhelming environment can cause your loved one to become upset. Check to see if the environment your loved one is in is too crowded or too loud. If it is, it might be best to get your loved one out of that environment.


Is your loved one around something that is unfamiliar to them? Maybe they are around a bunch of people they don’t know. They might be in a place that they aren’t familiar with. Both of these situations could cause your elderly loved one to become upset.

Environment Changes

Sometimes environment changes can cause someone with dementia to become upset. For instance, if you change around their bedroom, this might cause them to become upset. Getting a new caregiver could cause them to become upset, as well. This should be considered when you are taking care of your loved one.

Thirst or Hunger

If your elderly loved one gets thirsty or hungry, they might not be able to properly express this to you. If your loved one is getting upset, this is one of the first things you should check to see if they need. If they are thirsty or hungry, they will often calm down right away after they get what they need.

Quick Movements

Many people who have dementia don’t like to be approached quickly. In most instances, they don’t like quick movements at all. If you or someone else approaches your loved one too quickly, they might become extremely upset. It might take a while for them to calm back down. If you hire a senior care provider, be sure you let them know if this is something that upsets your loved one.

Invasion of Personal Space

Your loved one may not like it when people invade their personal space. You might find that coming within 1 feet, for instance, of your loved one will cause them to become upset. Learn your loved one’s limits with personal space and share those limits with anyone else who will be interacting with them.

These are some of the triggers that may cause your loved one with dementia to become upset. Keep these things in mind to help your loved one stay calm and happier, too.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN