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Home Care-Helping your Parent with Balance

Home Care in Ridgewood NJ: It’s easy to take the ability to remain upright and balanced for granted. But, as you’re aware, change can happen in an instant and suddenly the thing you took for granted has become very important and dear. As a family caregiver, balance is increasingly important to your aging parent and often harder to come by. There are a number of reasons why balance may go by the wayside. Knowing the cause will help you find the treatment.

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Can Picnics Really Be Dangerous for Seniors?

Elderly Care in Ridgewod NJ: Most people associate fun and happiness when it comes to summer picnics, but did you know that picnics might actually be dangerous for some seniors? Of course, the picnics themselves are not the problem, but certain conditions in the environment surrounding a summer picnic can have a negative effect on the health and wellness of elderly people.

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The Importance of Starting Elder Care After a Dementia Diagnosis

Elder Care in Hawthorne NJ: If you are a family caregiver it is likely that you have considered the possibility of dementia becoming a part of your loved one’s journey as they age. The progressive nature of dementia means that your elderly parent will experience different and worsened symptoms over time as their condition furthers. In your role as their caregiver, this thought can be intimidating.

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Outdoor Activities for Caregivers and their Aging Loved Ones

Caregivers in Wayne NJ: Summer is finally here! If you are a caregiver for an aging parent or relative, you might be wondering how best to take advantage of the long, sunny days ahead. While it is important to take precautions against sunburn and heatstroke for both you and your senior, there is no reason why you and your aging loved one can’t spend time outdoors, enjoying the weather.

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