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What Kinds of Signs Around Your Loved-One’s Home Indicate that She’s in Need of Your Help?

When your loved-one is reluctant to be open about her need for more help, you have to look for indications elsewhere. Your loved-one’s home can give you a lot of information.

Her Home Is Dirty or Cluttered

When you go to your loved-one’s home, she might apologize for the clutter or mention that she hasn’t had time to clean yet. That might be entirely true or your loved one might not be able to keep up with everything by herself. Tons of clutter or a less than clean home can be a cause for concern.

Her Laundry Is Piling Up

Elder Care in Hawthorne NJ

Elder Care in Hawthorne NJ: Does She Need Some Help Around the House?

Laundry is a chore that few people truly love doing, but if your loved-one’s laundry is piling up quite a bit, it might be time for you to help out with that task. Look for signs in the laundry room that it’s not being used and check your loved one’s closet and dresser to see if she has clean clothes available.

The Fridge and Pantry Need Help

Your loved one’s fridge and pantry are the tools that allow her to keep fresh, healthy food on hand. If these areas are filled with expired or unhealthy foods, your loved one may not be paying as much attention to her nutrition as she should. If the food in the refrigerator is spoiled or leftovers are piling up, this could be a sign that your loved one isn’t eating well at all.

Your Loved One’s Mail Is Piling Up

A lot of unimportant junk arrives in your loved one’s mailbox, but chances are good that she also gets quite a bit of important mail, such as bills. If important mail is piling up or there’s a mix of junk mail and important mail sitting around, your loved one might be avoiding it. This can be a sign that there are aspects of her life that are overwhelming her.

Her Car Is Damaged

When you visit your elderly loved-one, make it a point to take a quick peek at her car if she’s still driving herself around. Her car can tell you quite a bit, especially if it’s got some new dings and dents since the last time you saw it. Some of those might be from parking lot incidents thanks to other drivers, but some may be due to accidents that she hasn’t let you know happened.

Even after you have a good idea that your loved-one needs help, she may not be excited about the idea. Hiring elder care providers on a trial basis can help her to get used to the idea.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN

Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN

Founder/Director of Nursing at Caring Solutions Home Care LLC
Dementia Care Provider-Member of The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

I started my career as an ICU nurse over 30 years ago. I have functioned as an educator and preceptor mentoring new nurses in the clinical arena. I have sat on many Patient Care committees authoring a variety of patient care protocols.

In 2007, I saw an opportunity to improve the delivery of patient care services in the home and founded Caring Solutions Home Care. Over the last 10 years I have functioned as the Director of Nursing overseeing all client care, administrative and personnel operations.
Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN