As people age, it’s natural for them to experience vision changes. However, sometimes vision problems are caused by conditions that can result in vision loss and even blindness. Older adults can also have medical problems in other areas of their bodies that can affect vision, too. Because most vision problems don’t cause pain, it’s not uncommon for diseases of the eye to sneak up on a person, causing damage to vision before they even know the disease is present.

Regular eye care can reduce the risk of vision loss and prevent eye problems from impacting your aging relative’s every day activities.

Below are some of the eye problems that’s important to be aware of in older adults.

Elder Care Wyckoff NJ - Why Eye Care for Seniors is Important

Elder Care Wyckoff NJ – Why Eye Care for Seniors is Important


Presbyopia is a medical term for being unable to see clearly close up. Seniors with presbyopia may have a hard time reading small print, have headaches, and feel like their eyes are strained. The condition is caused by the eye’s lens getting harder and by muscles around the lens changing. It is usually treated with eyeglasses or contacts.

Diabetic Retinopathy

If your aging relative has diabetes, they are at risk for developing this condition. It occurs when diabetes damages the small vessels that deliver blood to the retina. The damaged vessels leak, causing the tissue in the retina to swell and making vision cloudy. The longer a person has diabetes, the higher their risk for developing the problem.


About 50 percent of all people develop cataracts by age 80. Cataracts occur when the normally clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy, making it hard for light to pass through it. People with cataracts may experience blurry or cloudy vision, difficulty seeing in dim light, sensitivity to light, faded colors, or difficulty distinguishing an item from its background when they are the same color.

If your older family member suffers from vision loss, elder care can assist them with activities that may be difficult or impossible. One of the things your loved one may be unable to do because of vision loss is drive themselves where they need to go. Elder care providers can offer transportation to all kinds of places, like stores and medical appointments. Since walking with vision loss can be hard or result in falls, an elder care provider can lend a guiding and supportive arm to ensure the older adult is able to safely navigate sidewalks and parking lots. Elder care providers can also help seniors to read their mail and email, pay bills, and read recipes and other instructions.


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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN