Caregiving can be a full-time job all on its own, but you probably have other responsibilities and another full-time job as well. Balancing everything is not as easy as it sounds, especially on your own.


Elder Care in Paramus NJ: Balance Caring for an Aging Adult

Elder Care in Paramus NJ: Balance Caring for an Aging Adult


You Might Worry that No One Understands

When you’re the only one caring for your family members, it becomes difficult to find people in your life who understand what you’re going through. They may understand bits and pieces, but few understand the whole picture. So when you have to ask for additional time off at work or when you’re too tired to do things with friends, it can feel as if you’re constantly the one who has to explain what’s going on.


Guilt Often Creeps In

This is also when guilt can show up. It’s insidious and it appears in thoughts such as, “I’m a lousy employee because I’m never there.” But then when you’re taking your senior to appointments or helping her with something she needs to do, you may feel guilty then, too, even if you aren’t at work. This version of guilt tells you that you should be with your senior family member more often. It’s sneaky and it leaves you feeling as if you’re never doing the right thing.


You’re Spread Too Thin

The bottom line is that you’re spread too thin and many of these aspects of your life are ones that you can’t do without or that you’re not willing to do without. You want to be there for your senior and you need and hopefully want your job. Then factor in friends, other family members, and other responsibilities and it’s a long, long list.


There Are Solutions to the Problem

Remember that even when it seems as if you’re all alone and no one understands, there are still solutions. You may not realize it, but elderly care providers can remove a lot of the weight off your shoulders. They can help your senior get to appointments and perform other services for her so that you can focus on where you need to be at any given time.

When you’re stretched across too many responsibilities, it can help to take a little bit of time to assess the situation. Running from one obligation to another keeps your head spinning, which makes it difficult for you to come up with answers that work for you and for the other people in your life.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN